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We can retune your ECU a number of different ways depending on what you want to improve. If you would like to find out what we can do for your vehicle, send us your car registration. We will respond with a tailored quote.

If you're happy to go ahead, we will visit you at your location and perform the work using state of the art KESS & Autotuner equipment. We'll leave you with a better performing car that is optimised for your needs.


Contact us at CJE Motorsport if you are looking for a mobile mechanic or engine remapping in Stourbridge and the West Midlands.





Would you like more power and torque from your vehicle? A Stage 1 Power Map will unleash your cars true potential, but within the limits of the manufacturers tolerances. This ECU retuning will improve your cars BHP and torque whilst maintaining your economy. You will notice a much more responsive drive without compromising on reliability. 



If you're spending too much money on fuel, improve your cars economy with a Stage 1 Eco Map. The increase in torque will ensure less gear changes and pedal movement which increases driveability. The gains you make will all depend on your vehicles condition and driving style, but you could see an increase of around 8 to 15% with your miles per gallon (Diesel engines only).



One of the most popular remaps is a hybrid which increases both your power and your economy. The Stage 1 Power/Eco Map adjusts your parameters and releases your cars true torque and power range. This offers a better driving experience and improves your fuel consumption. 







Your DPF filter is fitted onto your exhaust system to catch your soot emissions, and is designed to regenerate when your vehicle is hot. However short trips can prevent your car from going into regeneration which causes blockages in your filter. We can disable all functions on the DPF filter, allowing your main filter to be removed (DPF must be removed prior to remap).


Engine Remapping in Stourbridge and West Midlands EGR DELETE

EGR valves reduce NOx emissions by recycling exhaust gasses back into the clean intake of your engine. The problem with this, is that sooty and oily gasses get pumped back into the clean intake side which can lead to a build up of sludge and a decrease in performance. An EGR delete will stop the flow of these exhaust gasses into the clean intake.



Your car can flash a fault code for a number of reasons and most of the time you will need to address an issue with your car. However your car may sense a fault because a certain component has been removed from your car. In such a case we can remove the DTC fault code from the engine ECU.






A DSG remap will improve a number of features in your vehicle. Raising the maximum torque allowance of your DSG controller will release power gains from the engine ECU. A remap will increase shift speeds as well as increase the RPM limiter. You will be left with a car optimised for you and your driving conditions.






AdBlue is a highly effective system to reduce your NOx emissions. However, constantly refilling your AdBlue tank can be quite expensive. Also, you may be limited in your driving when your AdBlue tank is empty. We can remove the AdBlue features in your car to disable these limits and enable you to drive even with an empty AdBlue tank.




Lambda sensors are found in your vehicle's exhaust and measure the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gasses. You may wish to remove these sensors to support exhaust gas flow. The removal of these sensors will depend on your vehicle as lambda sensors serve different purposes in petrol engines and diesel engines.



Swirl flaps help your engine mix the fuel and air charge into your cylinders. However carbon deposits  can build up causing your swirl flaps to stick. When your ECU detects a fault with your swirl flaps your car's power may be reduced. Replacement of these flaps can be costly, however an ECU retuning will allow your engine to be used without any faults detected.






If you feel limited by your car manufacturer's speed limits, our ECU retuning can remove any speed limits. We can increase/decrease or completely remove the maximum speed limiter from your vehicle or offer 70mph limit especially for the commercial fleet.  Protect your vans from the hard abuse of your employees.




 If you're looking for a mobile mechanic to engine remap your vehicle in Stourbridge and the West Midlands,
get in touch with us at CJE Motorsport for more information. Prices start from just £199